MADRAS PRESIDENCY: AE ½ dudu, ND (1695-1794), KM-284, struck for use in Benkulen (Bengkulu, a port on the south-west coast of Sumatra, aka Fort Marlborough), the three letters "GCE" on the obverse stand for "(The) G(overnor and) C(ompany of Merchants of London trading to the) E(ast Indies)", the official full name of the Company at its creation, superb strike! Very Fine.

The British East India Company established a long-running pepper-trading center and garrison at Bengkulu in 1685. The trading post was never financially profitable for the British, despite this, they persisted, maintaining a presence there for 150 years before ceding it to the Dutch in 1824.
Estimated Value $150 - 225.



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