Saturday June 4th at sea. Wind from the South, we passed on our right this morning an immense large East Indiaman, supposed to be the Bencoolen, by exchange of signals, which is returning from India's spicy lands, richly laden with the products of that oppressed land.

Ships going from England to India go by Madeira and near the African coast, and have a regular Northeast trade wind to aid them at their back, but on their return home to avoid this very wind they make a track of 1000 miles west of the outward bound track, and their homeward track, is a great deal west of the Friendly Islands or the Azores.

What reason have we to be grateful and return thanks to the most High for his kind protection to all who sail in this ship so far. - Men fear the Lord in storms, but forget him in calms. - This the poet says:

  1. "When lightnings flash and thunders roar,
    "And storms and tempests rend the sky,
    "The Sinner dreads the Thunderer's power,
    "And fears some awful vengeance nigh.

  2. "If now he calls his sins to mind,
    "And conscience stares him in the face,
    "This trembling soul is half inclined,
    "To own his need of pardoning grace.

  3. "But when the burning blase is o'er,
    "And the tremendous tempests cease,
    "The Thundering voice he fears no more,
    "Hushed with the boisterous storm to peace.

  4. "Lord! I would fear thee while 'tis calm,
    "And the horizon bright and clear,
    "When no dark clouds portend a storm,
    "And no apparent danger's near.



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